Best Hairstyles for Women Trending
March 6, 2017 | By Anna Voscanean

Best Hairstyles for Women Trending

I consider what I do an art and an expression of your individualism. But, there are so many styles to choose from.  If you are looking for an adventurous trendy look or a classic quality look I can help.

We will work together to decide where to go based on the shape of your face, the texture of your hair and the statement you want to make.  From there I will create a look that brings out your inner beauty and harmonizes with your personality.

These are some of the techniques I specialize in:


Long-Layer — you love the way your long hair feels and what it says about you.  But, managing volume can sometimes be a problem.  If your layers aren’t done right you risk your hair looking too poofy or you hair looks lifeless and limp.  I am an expert at getting this balance right so you look great!  Keratin also works wonders for long hair!

Long-layer haircut style

Graduated Hairstyles

Graduated Hairstyles — maybe you want your hairstyle to be customized to your individual features.  Let me work with you customize the layers, length and shape of your hairstyle

Graduated Hairstyles


Bob — the Bob is always stylish but with many options around length, texture and symmetry

Bob hairstyle


Pixie — if you are going short then the Pixie is for you.  We will go over all of your options like; back length, over ears, bangs and side bangs.  Let your personality shine through.

Pixie hairstyle


Asymmetric — if you are really ready to make a statement or create a provocative look then an Asymmetric hairstyle if for you.  If you are looking to create that unique look but want to maintain a professional demeanor or go way out and get funky I can help you with the balance you are looking for.

Asymmetric Hairstyle

Come in and let's create your dream hairstyles!
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