To Color or Not to Color?
February 28, 2017 | By Anna Voscanean

To Color or Not to Color?

The appearance of gray hairs is natural. To lighten or not to lighten, to color or not to color, and any more changes to your hair is your choice. It is important to take into consideration all the benefits and disadvantages of a product. On one hand, thanks to coloring we gain a more brighter, fuller, and attractive look. On the other hand, with the continuous use of a product, your hair may be exposed to becoming thinner.

But if you plan to color your hair, it is best to trust a professional’s studio — Anna Hairstyle. I only use the products that are high in quality and professional. Besides this, you will receive the consultation about the procedure.


Anyone can be divided into one of the 4 types of people. The “spring” type — is characterized by the light color of the face, pink cheeks, light, thin hair, with slightly wavy hair, blue, chestnut  eyes. For this group, it is ideal pick a color that resembles any tone of honey

Tone of honey - hair coloring


The “summer” type — They can be identified with pale skin color, with red or pink cheeks, blue-grayish, green-grayish eyes. The color of the hair can be distinct, light or dark. The optimal color, however, is medium blonde, and black tulip.

Natural blonde


The “autumn” type, the color of their skin has a goldish tone. Copper hair, green and brown eyes. It is optimal for them to have the hair color that resembles copper, and any tone of cinnamon.

Copper hair


The “winter” type — is characterized by milky white skin, bright tone of eyes- blue, brown, green, and usually having dark colored hair. Specialists recommend these types of people to acquire dark, and dark chocolate tones.

Dark chocolate tones

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