Brazilian Blowout Provides Smoothness, Shine, and Strength for Hair.

Brazilian Blowout

I recommend that if you are going to do a brasilian blowout or keratin, to color your hair before treatment ,so that the color stays longer

Price Range

  • Brazilian Blowout 2 h $280+
  • Brazilial Keratin Treatment 1 h 30 m $220+
  • Extra Charge for Long Hair 20 m $20+

A vast number of women spend 20 to 60 minutes styling their hair every day to get out of the house with impeccably straight hair. Smooth, well-groomed and shiny hair is achieved thanks to a variation of tools: hair iron, hair dryer, and numerous cosmetic products for styling. However, you can achieve the effect of salon styling without all the daily effort. Having only one procedure for Brazilian keratin hair straightening provides incredible smoothness and glossy shine to your hair for up to 3 months!

Keratin Brazilian Blowout — the straightening and restoration to the structure of hair, resulting in:

  • Perfectly smooth throughout the entire length.
  • Never tangled, easy to brush.
  • Doesn’t require the use of additional styling products.
  • Always left with a stunning shine.
  • Looks great immediately after the shower or everyday brushing.
  • Even in humid weather, hair remains straight and silky smooth.


If you want perfectly straight hair that doesn’t take hours out of your day to style, this procedure is just the thing for you! All that is expected from your end is hair to be washed and brushed. Leave your house everyday looking like you’ve taken a trip to the salon.

Who Should Take Advantage of Brazilian Hair Straightening with Keratin?

Procedure Would be Essential for Those Who:

  • Is tired of the constant need to perform styling
  • Seeks to repair dry and damaged hair resulting in a silky smooth finish
  • Wants to look fabulous and have a well-groomed hair every day
  • Is looking for an effective way to protect your hair from the negative external factors (sun, wind, smoke, high and low temperature, etc.)

Styling tools and irons used every day have a negative impact on the appearance of hair. The result ends up being a vicious circle. Creating beautiful and well-groomed hair through the use of hair styling tools harms and damages hair.

Brazilian Blowout Hair not only gives hair a brilliant look, it is benefits the structure, repairs damaged hair, and saturates the keratin.

Benefits of Brazilian Blowout:

  • Too many experiments on your hair can result in a negative health impact. This does not apply to Keratin Brazilian Blowout. This procedure does not contain formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals that can harm the health of hair.
  • You will be able to enjoy almost immediately the benefits of the Brazilian straightening while washing your hair, bathing, blow-drying and brushing.
  • You can enjoy the results up to 12 weeks.

Brazilian Keratin Blowout at Anna Hairstyle Has Great Benefits:

  • The safety of our customers is very important. I always give a 100% guarantee on the use of original high quality materials and tools.
  • I will provide you with expert advice in detail on what kind of  care needed after the procedure. After all your satisfaction is my priority. I want you to enjoy your Blowout as long as possible!
  • I will create specialized procedures for the recovery, rehabilitation, and transformation of your hair. A haircut, various types of dying, treatments for repair through Olaplex, and many other services to maintain the health and style of your hair.
  • The price of the Brazilian keratin hair straightening is always justified by the result. You also pay for the high level of expertise and service that always leave you satisfied!

What is the Procedure of Brazilian Keratin Blowout at Anna Hairstyle?

  • The first step is to wash the hair with a special series of Brazilian Blowout. As a result, the hair is prepared to be penetrated through all of the layers with keratin.
  • I will towel dry the clean hair; divide it into several parts, and carefully appliy the keratin product on each strand.
  • This is followed by the hair being blow dried and brushed out. Then I will separate the strands into a width of 5—7 cm and smooth out each strand with a heating iron on 230 degrees. This step is necessary to securely lock the keratin in the hair and provide closure to hair cuticles.
  • I will then rinse your hair. Note: the remains of the keratin products are washed in a procedure of the Brazilian  keratin hair straightening. Then a special mask is applied to the hair where I will wash out in just a minute. The mask provides intense nutrition to the hair and saturates it with vitamins and other beneficial substances, complements the action of keratin.
  • Next I will apply a hair serum to take care of the hair cuticles and provide the maximum preservation of nutrients and hair conditioning.
  • The final step of the process is styling the hair as desired. The styling is optional because after the procedure the hair will be shiny, smooth, and straight without any additional effects.

How Much Does it Cost for a Brazilian Blowout?

The prices varies on the client's hair length and amount of product needed for the procedure. Prices range from $150—$250.

Carefully comparing the prices for a Brazilian Blowout means comparing the quality of the products being used and the expertise of the stylist. These factors are of great importance for the final result.

The whole procedure takes about half an hour.
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