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I'll determine the type of product based on your hair type and the style you desire.

Price Range

  • Full Color Application 1 h 30 m $80+
  • Color Correction 2 h $220+
  • Color & Partial Highlight 2 h $150+
  • Color Re-touch 40 m $65+
  • Deep Condition Mask Add-On 20 m $15+
  • Full Ombre 2 h $160+
  • Сut With any Color Services 20 m $35+
  • Second Color Add-On 5 m $20+
  • Extra Charge for Long Hair 5 m $20+

There are many reasons why women want to change their hair color: some women need to hide the gray hair, others desire to change their look, or even their whole image. Despite that, one color is not always necessary to achieve the end result. Only with the combination of several colors can a woman’s true beauty be highlighted.

What Results Can You Achieve Due to Hair Coloring?

  • Thin, low-volume hair will gain volume, and will look fantastic.
  • Coloring different strands of hair, you will give life to your hair, without risking to damage it.
  • Your true hair will look brighter and better.
  • Should you choose different contrasting colors, you will always be the center of attention.
  • Wherever you are, you will always be noticed.


What is the Coloring Process?

It is a special technique when the hair is colored with different shades, or the tones of one color.

What are the Different Types of Hair Coloring?

  • Colorful – one colored or multicolored. Should one color be chosen, different tones of that color are used. Should multicolor be chosen, you can choose up to 15 different tones!
  • Continuous and cross cutting — the main difference is the direction of the chosen color. This method is the most popular. The cross-cut look appears distinct and bright.
  • Full and partial — hair can be colored without a trace of one’s natural hair color, or it can be partially colored, and partially revealing one’s natural hair color.
  • In a given area or all over — you can choose, for instance, to color only the bangs or just color it all!
  • Natural or contrasting — natural color is harmonic with the true tone of the hair, making the appearance longer, giving it volume and freshness; for contrasting, different colors are used, the opposite of natural hair color.

What is the Procedure of Hair Coloring?

  • The stylist determines the type of product based on your hair type and the style you desire.
  • For light-haired women, it is not necessary to process the hair. Those who have dark hair, it’s necessary to first make the hair lighter, to get the hair ready for coloring.
  • The hair will be separated into different parts, and then the parts into different strands. One by one, the strands will be processed with hair coloring product and placed inside the foil.
  • In a set amount of time, the hair is washed and dried.
  • That’s all! Enjoy your locks!

The Benefits of Hair Coloring:

  • Change a look to become modern, interesting, and distinct
  • Highlight your hair’s beauty, giving it a healthy look.
  • Add additional volume
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