Highlights — Californian Highlight. Ombre. Balayage.


I recommend that, for any type of highlight, have a toner and a trim. 

Price Range

  • Color & Partial Highlight 2 h $150+
  • Full Ombre 2 h $160+
  • Full Highlight 1 h 30 m $150+
  • Partial Highlight 1 h 30 m $110+
  • Extra Charge for Long Hair 5 m $20+

Highlights is an original and stylish choice for modern women. Highlights never lost popularity from the moment of its invention. This service has been a demand among all women across the world. What is the reason behind it? Highlights is something that you can always customize, and it allows for all kinds of trendy looks, emphasizing the beauty of the hair.

  • Bright, new colors, to freshen up your look.
  • Time-tested classic to emphasize the look of elegance.


Which type of Highlights Will You Choose?

No matter what you choose, I will acknowledge all of your wishes and pick the best looking colors for your skin tone.

Usually, the term “highlights” is used to name a procedure to make certain strands of your hair look lighter. But now, highlights is not only used to lighten certain strands of hair, but also to change the whole color. The strands may be different width, but the final result will be dependent on it. The number of tones also play a big role, because it’s not necessary to only use one color.

The Advantages of Highlights:

  • An enormous amount of various colors, width of strands, tone of the highlight, etc. This allows the stylist to customize the look.
  • Not all of the hair is covered, this is why highlights is the more delicate method of hair coloring.
  • Highlights need to be repeated less than coloring. Usually after highlighting, you will have to repeat the service in 2 or 3 months.
  • Highlights allow your hair to look thicker and contain more volume.
  • Highlights allows you to either freshen up your look or drastically change it. Just decide which result you want!

Styles of Highlights

In Anna Hairstyle, you will be presented with many different styles of highlights:

  • Californian highlight.
  • Ombre.
  • Balayage.
  • Highlight and Ombre.

Californian Highlight

Californian highlight — the modern trend of highlighting! The technique is different from the classic highlights: the strands are highlighted without the use of foil and the thinning of hair. Californian highlights is the favorite of Hollywood stars, and famous beauties of show businesses. Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Aniston have the Californian highlight — stylish playful, and seductive. The effect of the Californian highlights is achieved thanks to non-contrasting blend of tones. This allows you to get the hair color that is: full in volume, versatile, and truly amazing.

The mechanics of the Californian highlight are ones of the highest difficulty, which is why this service should only be done by masters.


Ombre — the perfect choice for those with dark hair. Ombre allows you to give your hair magical, playful colors, with the addition of visual volume, brightness, and unconventionality. A famous recipient of Ombre is Angelina Jolie.

Ombre — It’s elegant, natural, distinct, and rich all the same time. Highlighted strands of dark haired women, done by me, will attract the eyes of all those that are around.


Balayage — is available to women with all colors of hair. Balayage presents a technique in which the roots of the hair are darkened, and the hair gets darker at the ends. This way, the color becomes deep, which greatly increases the volume of the hair.

Balayage does not require the use of foil. I will highlight only small strands of hair, only starting at the indent of the roots. Balayage looks natural as if the hair was touched by the sun.

Ombre and Highlights

Ombre and Highlights it’s a modern technique of highlighting which stole the attention of famous actresses who walk the red carpet. This highlights include a transition from one color to another, from light tone to darker tone.

Don’t do this at home! There are many things that can go not as planned, for instance, when not all of the hair product was picked up, or the color did not turn out to be as wanted.  Let the professions do perform this service.

Sign up for highlighting at Anna Studio! Let your hair shine with beauty of the tones and half-tones, so that your hair will truly look astonishing.
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