Permanent Waves — Long Lasting and Glamourous Curls that don’t Harm the Growth of Hair.

Permanent Waves

I do not recommend you do permanent wave if your hair is extra thin or it was damaged. 

Price Range

  • Permanent Waves 1 h $100+
  • Extra Charge for Long Hair

Each time you dream of having those perfect curls you have to run to the salon, expose your hair to various thermal products, or the “old fashioned” way of spending many hours with curlers on your head.

Are you tired of putting in so much time and effort into a hairstyle that doesn’t have a long lasting result? Do you want to walk out the house every morning with perfect curls that only take minutes to style? Permanent Curls is a  procedure that for a period of about 6 months will solve your problem and give you those luscious curls that you have always dreamt about. If the only thing stopping you from getting beautiful curly hair is the fear of having damaged hair, then it’s time to forget those concerns!


Who Can Receive The Service?

  • There are practically no restrictions on who can get permanent curls. The procedure can be performed on natural or dyed hair
  • Most of the time the curls are created on medium or long hair, but this can also be done on short hair as well.

What is the Price of the Procedure?

The price depends primarily on the length of hair. The longer the hair, the greater the amount of product used by the stylist, the more time and effort needed to be spent on the permanent curls.

Anna Hairstyle provides affordable pricing for permanent curls. The prices vary from $70—$150 . High quality services for reasonable prices are some great features that make Anna Hairstyle stand out from the rest!

Fulfill your dreams and book your appointment for permanent curls!
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